When shipping animals many rules and regulations apply.
Not only our company but also other companies are involved and all
have their own rules and regulations that we have to accept.

No exceptions will be made on these rules!

Pet Trading Company Holland will handle each order strictly according these terms and conditions
and we will do all our best to satisfy you as our customer.
  • In some cases we must provide cites import / export documents
    depending on country and species of animal.

  • The Cites documents will be provided by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

  • All transport boxes and animals must be transported according the IATA rules

  • Some countries require import permits.

  • It is the customers duty to inform Pet Trading Company about specific country regulations
    on the import of animals.

  • All shipments must be accompanied with a health certificate or pet passport provided by a
    licensed veterinarian.

  • All rules and regulations are stated in our terms and will be provided on request.


  • Import permit BAHREIN
  • Import rules ARUBA
  • CITES import/export permit
Example import  permit Bahrein
Import rules Aruba
CITES import/export permit